Spiritual Transformation through the Alchemy of Life ~ 

The process of moving from external power to authentic power is the transmutation that comes from aligning the personality with the energy of our soul and through the journey from unconsciousness to consciousness. This process of miraculous change happens by taking a journey inside.

The Concept:
The concept that we create our own reality is more widespread than ever before. In our parent's generation and before, this concept was known only to a few. Those few were mainly mystics and shamans. Now discoveries and experiments in quantum physics prove the truth of this concept. Mystics, shamans and some quantum physicists know that we create our reality by our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions.

We are actually more powerful than we can even imagine. For most of us, though, our experience tells us something entirely different. We feel that we are at the mercy of an outward reality, the victims of circumstances beyond our control. We work harder and harder, thinking that if only we have more money, more time, the right pill, the right family, more love, or a better job that we will finally be whole and happy. We try to change and control the circumstances and people around us in order to feel empowered.


The spiritual tools, techniques, exercises and disciplines taught in Spiritual Alchemy Healing are pathways to our inner world. This journey within enables students and clients to become aware of how they see and experience their lives, getting them in touch with their underlying and unconscious beliefs, perceptions and thoughts. Without this awareness we are at the mercy of a reality created by our unconscious beliefs.

Awareness is only the first step in the alchemical process. The Talmud says, "We don't see things as they are, but as we are." If we believe ourselves, and therefore our souls, to be unlovable, unworthy, and powerless, then we will experience ourselves to be these things. The Truth is that each soul is a unique expression of the Divine, a spark from the flame that is the Creator. Awareness shows us what our beliefs are and how those beliefs have actually created our reality. Its by becoming aware, we can then change our beliefs.


The Crystal and Metaphysical Boutique at Kokoro  along with working one on one with Dr. Catherine is a Gateway to Spiritual health. 

Dr. Catherine Zaffarano, PhD RMT


"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without"